PriceVision Retail Fuel Price Dashboard

  • View current status of all locations pricing, grade-by-grade, at a glance
  • Observe any store pricing outside of a planned range
  • Identify and respond to price execution delays in real time
  • Confirm timely execution of centralized or local price changes
  • Verify proper signage operations at each location
  • View historic data, including pricing amount, initiator of change, change date and duration

Powerful LED fuel price signs and price management tools that support Shell-branded marketing

  • High performance, reliability and durability
  • Certified POS integration — full Sapphire operations supported by Verifone
  • Highly secure, 1500′ wireless range — no line-of-site required
  • Innovative SmartPort — reduced setup and maintenance
  • PCATS compliance ensures compatibility with future standards
  • Made in the USA
  • Centralized real-time price monitoring and management using the new PriceVision Dashboard
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KSS Fuels and FutureMedia Displays Deliver Command & Control Pricing

Seamless integration delivers accurate, ‘speed to the street’ pricing

Florham Park, NJ and Dallas, TX – October 4, 2012

KSS Fuels and FutureMedia Displays announced today the general availability of the Command & Control integration module that supports the automated delivery and verification of fuel price changes from head office to electronic price signs at retail locations. Command & Control will guarantee the fast, accurate update of price displays, with immediate notification of operational status.

Command & Control integrates KSS Fuels’ PriceNet software and FutureMedia’s PriceVision LED price signs, creating a closed-loop system that confirms successful implementation of new fuel prices at the sign, as well as taking care of synchronization with point-of-sale systems and fuel dispensers.

Command & Control represents a major step forward in fuel price automation, ensuring that fuel retailers can respond quickly to market or competitor changes and enhance customer satisfaction by avoiding fuel price discrepancies among price sign, fuel island and store.

“This latest advancement in fully integrated fuel pricing will allow retailers to respond faster to competitor price changes and gain even greater control and visibility into every step of the pricing process, giving added confidence that price changes are fully implemented,” said Bob Stein, President and CEO of KSS Fuels.

Joseph Wilson, President and CEO of FutureMedia Displays, said, “With the start of the trend toward centralized control of multiple sites, confirmation of successful end-to-end management became a critical success factor.  As part of the design of the Command & Control system, PriceVision brings the ability to deliver a reliable answer to the customer every time.  Because PriceVision is tightly integrated with the store’s point-of-sale system, a positive confirmation from PriceVision to the KSS PriceNet program creates confidence that all systems show the same timely and accurate information.”

About KSS Fuels

KSS Fuels is the pre-eminent global leader in fuels pricing and retail location intelligence, with proven software, analytics and consulting solutions that draw upon more than 40 years of expertise and insight into the needs and opportunities of petroleum retailers.  Clients benefit from having a single, integrated source for the data-driven intelligence necessary to optimize pricing strategies and to evaluate and manage retail network locations to enhance profitability and build long-term business value. With global headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom, the company has North American headquarters in Florham Park, NJ as well as offices in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Canada and international operations in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea and Africa. For more information about KSS Fuels, please visit

About FutureMedia

FutureMedia Displays, Inc. is the industry leader in LED price sign technology, responsible for introducing LED price signs to the petroleum retail industry more than 15 years ago.  Today, the company continues to specialize in delivering reliable, high performance LED fuel price sign displays and solutions to the convenience store and retail fuel industries.  PriceVision, the company’s full line of display and integration technologies, is known for brilliant, easy-to-read fonts and certified integration capabilities with all major POS systems.  The company’s advanced, made-in-the-USA display and control units are the only price display devices in the industry that are fully compliant with the Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards (PCATS).

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